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Five Special Coins for Five Special Sisters

The CoinArt Company

Posted on January 18 2019

Coin collecting is one of the world’s most popular hobbies so it’s not uncommon for coins to be passed down from one generation to another. However, family members often receive these coins without knowing their history or value. The TV show “My Strange Inheritence” makes us all want to reexamine that bag of coins left by a loved one, hoping to find a rare $2 million dollar penny! Most of us aren’t so lucky to find that priceless penny, but if you look close enough, you can still find small treasures to be enjoyed by you and your family.

We recently had the opportunity to organize and evaluate a small coin collection passed down to my friend, Lorraine, from her father (see photo below). The collection consisted of a number of older coins including Peace Dollars, Flying Eagle Cents, a Seated Liberty Quarter along with more recent Kennedy Half Dollars and Eisenhower Dollars. We also discovered that Lorraine's father saved five 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars, the only year these coins were minted with a 90% silver content. It almost seems like he wanted each of his five daughters to have one.

We pointed this out to my friend, who decided to create meaningful wall decor so that each sister would receive one of these sentimental keepsake coins. For this custom CoinArt, we incorporated a simple beach watercolor scene along with the sisters' first names and the quote, “Sisters . . . as precious as a rare coin and the greatest gift our parents gave us.” The watercolor print represents a favorite family gathering spot, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

As with any CoinArt design, we can either display the front of the coin (obverse) or the reverse side. For this project, Lorraine selected the beautiful reverse side of the Kennedy Half Dollar. It features an adaptation of the great seal of the United States and is reminiscent of the heraldic eagle style used on gold and silver coinage of the early 19th century. 

While we didn't find a penny worth $2 million dollars, each sister can now display a beautiful coin from their father's collection in their own home. Each CoinArt will serve as a constant reminder of a very special sisterhood which, when you think about it, is actually the true treasure!

If you are interested in a custom design for your family, please email us at or select the Custom CoinArt product listing. To add your own special quote to the beach watercolor shown above, please select Beach Watercolor CoinArt. Special thanks to Lorraine for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project!


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