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DIY CoinArt Kits

Do you have your own keepsake coin, special photograph or art print that you would like to display? Then this section is just for you. We sell our CoinArt in several ways:

1) CoinArt with Your Coin: Just purchase the CoinArt of your choice and tell us what type of coin you intend to display. We will provide you with an air tight coin capsule, adhesive tape and easy-to-understand instructions so that you can mount your coin and complete the assembly.

2) DIY Frame and Mat Kits: You insert your own photo or graphic along with a special coin. We provide you with ready-to-assemble supplies. Our kits are a tremendous value - we priced the framing, mats, etc. from a leading home craft store and you would pay twice as much or more! Available in either a square or rectangle opening.

3) DIY CoinSquare Kits: This option is perfect for those who would like to preserve and display a special coin. CoinSquares are available to frame one or two coins and make a wonderful decor accent in your home or office.

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