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Welcome to The CoinArt Company. We have organized our print designs into five easy-to-find collections: Baby, Family, Wedding, Anniversary, and Travel. To create your unique CoinArt, just follow these five steps: 

1) Browse our collections from the CoinArt menu and select a design that fits your occasion and style!

2) Visit our Coin Shop and select the coin of your choice. (If you already have a special keepsake coin, let us know and we will include an air tight acrylic capsule along with easy-to-understand instructions).

3) Let us know the coin you have purchased and make the CoinArt yours by selecting a frame style / mat board.

4) Tell us about you! Complete all of the personalization information for your CoinArt. 

5) Find the perfect place on your wall or delight a loved one with this meaningful, personal gift.

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