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NEW Family Heritage Collection

The CoinArt Company

Posted on October 03 2019

It has been awhile since we’ve posted on our blog, but sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns. Here at The CoinArt Company, family is a priority and this past Spring, I found myself as the primary caregiver for my mom. We moved her up from Orlando, Florida after losing her husband of 17 years. Mom has late stage Parkinson’s but her health has improved since coming to Virginia (I call her our little miracle).

One half of our guest bedroom is full of mom’s boxes – different shapes and sizes – some cardboard and some plastic bins. They all contain glimpses into the past and of a life well lived. I have started to sort through all of the photos, greeting cards and albums. Here are a few of my favorite photos of mom and her four sisters (the pastor's girls) growing up in the Midwest.

As I sift through all of the memories, this past summer has been a time of reflection for me. So when I started thinking about launching a new collection, I wanted to create meaningful designs to remember loved ones – both past and present. These aren’t large statement pieces to be used as focal points in a room above a bed or couch. However, they ARE pieces to place in small nooks and shelves in your home to treasure and to walk by every day – thinking of your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, grandparents and other members of your family.

After four months of preparing, we are proud to introduce our new collection just in time for holiday gift giving. As you might have guessed, we built the collection around the concept of the family tree - not the traditional family tree which might resemble a geneology chart, but one that serves as a subtle reminder of our loved ones.

Each art print depicts a vintage style illustration or an original typography design in neutral shades. Most of the backgrounds either feature the names of family members in a subtle repeating pattern or a meaningful quote. You won’t see traditional Christmas designs because we wanted to create pieces you will be able to enjoy all year long. Of course, each personalized print comes matted and framed with a mounted coin of your choice, including one of our new custom cut "Heartfelt Pennies." We loved creating the collection and we hope you find a design that speaks to you and your family.

Our entire collection is available on our The CoinArt Company website or you can also purchase from our Etsy Shop. We have a limited amount of framing supplies for the holidays - so don't wait to order your favorites!

Pam and Andrew



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