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Posted on January 23 2020

I have had this idea for awhile now and decided to see what it would look like to incorporate our DIY Frame Kit into a Pet Memory Frame. One thing Andrew and I love more than art + coins is our family's two furry pups, Murphy and Gryffin. While they are both rescues, they couldn't look or act more differently - one black, one white . . . one large, one small . . . one leader, one follower.  What better way to remember and cherish a pet than to display a beautiful photo along with their personal dog tag. We love how it turned out!

I started by gathering photos and tags so I could put some samples together. I ended up purchasing the "Murphy" tag from an Etsy shop called Indie Creatives. The talented owner, Angela Mabile, hand stamps each tag with love and care. Her designs are beautiful! For those that know us, that isn't our Murphy in the photo above.

Even though the photos used in the sample product pics shown here are "dummies," I couldn't help but get a little emotional! Four-legged friends are such a huge part of our lives and my hope is that this product will bring comfort to anyone who is going through the loss of a pet. 

We have the Pet Memory Frame listed in our Etsy Shop and our own websiteJust select the frame and mat color that compliments your pet's coloring and unique personality. We can either print your photo or we can provide you with instructions to mount your own photo (square opening is 7.5" x 7.5"). We also provide adhesive tape to mount your beloved dog's personalized tag. 

Several years ago, I received a coffee cup with one of my favorite phrases, "The road to my HEART is paved with paw prints." --- so true!!

Pam and Andrew


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