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How to Frame a Coin

Pamela Grimes

Posted on March 25 2021

. . . from lucky pennies to keepsake silver dollars and everything in between.

The CoinArt Company is pleased to offer a new way to frame coins with our exclusive CoinSquare. With my background in art and design plus Andrew’s passion for coins, we put our heads together to create a framing system that would not only display a keepsake coin, but one that wouldn’t hurt the integrity of the coin. We started with just a few frame options as a test over this past year, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we now offer it in 5 frames styles and two mat colors. Based on customer requests, we also created our CoinSquare Double which displays two coins, either horizontally or vertically.

CoinSquares are offered as a DIY Kit that enables you to create a one-of-a-kind framed piece by incorporating your own keepsake coin. We provide all of the components along with easy-to-understand instructions in order to complete the assembly. Here is a step by step guide:

1) Using a flat head screwdriver, lift the black prongs and take all components out of the frame.

2) Insert your coin into the provided coin capsule. Make sure the coin fits snugly in the capsule so it won’t shift while in the frame. Cut a small square of the mounting tape and place in the center back of the capsule.

3) Peel off the green backing and hold the coin capsule directly over the round mat opening. Gently place the coin in the center and don’t press down until you are sure your coin is centered.


4) You are now ready to place all of the components back in your frame. Make sure all of the frame prongs are upright so you can easily re-insert the mats. Be sure to inspect the plexi-glass face for dust or other particles.

5) Place the cardboard filler inside the frame and with same screwdriver, close the metal tabs over the cardboard so that everything is held securely in place.

6) Next, peel the adhesive tape off the back of the frame, starting at the top. Carefully align the black dust cover and work your way down, while peeling the rest of the tape off all sides.

7) The last step is to attach the sawtooth hanger. You may also opt to use one of today’s 3M wall mounting solutions or display your CoinSquare on a shelf or desktop.

Now find the perfect place in your home or delight a loved one with a gift that truly shines!

Customers have purchased our CoinSquares to showcase their own private coin collections, to give meaningful gifts and even to frame unique and sentimental objects (from left to right, graphic button, silver moon coin and golf ball marker). You can purchase either the regular CoinSquare or the CoinSquare Double from our Etsy shop or our on-line shop. For questions, please email us at

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