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The CoinArt Company

Posted on July 16 2018


Hello. Welcome to The CoinArt Company. So glad you’re here. 

We’re Pam & Andrew, a mother-son duo and founders of The CoinArt Company. Our small family-owned workshop in the outskirts of historic Fredericksburg, Virginia has “coined” the phrase CoinArt.



Recently, an elementary school friend posted the photo above of our Peanut Butter and Chocolate skit as a commercial break in our school play. As the story goes, when you combine two ingredients (sometimes by accident), you miraculously get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – to this day, it’s one of the best sweet treats on the planet!

That skit reminds me of our company. As a military spouse, I was able to work with clients in marketing and graphic design as we moved around the country, beginning with our first assignment at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. My husband then attended graduate school at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and I met my creative soul mate, Melinda Tomasello. In 2001, we began a custom corporate gift design company called Originality, Inc. and to this day, I draw so much inspiration from our partnership, collaboration and friendship. Having worked in the gift industry, we saw firsthand the sentiment and emotion that a thoughtful, custom gift can bring. I have continued my love for graphic design by working with other businesses and by creating personalized wall art as gifts for graduations, weddings and birthdays.

If I am the chocolate, Andrew is the peanut butter. Andrew grew up with a competitive spirit; he played soccer through the years and then developed a love for track in high school. A top-notch student, Andrew not only excelled in math and science, but he had an artistic side as well. He attended the University of Virginia with a focus on Economics. While trying to figure out what career path he wanted to pursue, he developed a true passion for coins and coin collecting. I am amazed at his growing knowledge - much of it self taught through books, magazines and on-line forums. Our resident coin specialist, Andrew is a member of the American Numismatic Association

Just like chocolate and peanut butter, we decided to combine both of our passions – my love of typography and graphic design with Andrew’s love of coins – to launch The CoinArt Company.



After an exhaustive search, we realized that no one up to now had created a way to display coins, other than a traditional wood desk box or cabinet. I reached out to a business colleague in the framing industry who I have been working with for over a decade and discovered that he comes from a family of coin collectors. He was very interested in our project and excited to help us. Small world! Needless to say, things began to line up for us. We now had a quality framer with the craftsmanship that we could trust to create the necessary components for our CoinArt.



Our commitment is to bring you the very best. Our framed products are proudly designed, made and assembled in the United States – all at an affordable price, without breaking the bank and spending over $100 on custom framing. We hope to provide you with a way to showcase and protect your family’s keepsake coins and to highlight your family’s most memorable moments. We will continue to explore new ways to incorporate coins into art, so please check back often. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. You can follow along our journey by connecting with us on social media or through our blog.


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