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British Sixpence


Sixpence Year


The lucky British Sixpence Coin features the bust of young Elizabeth II and the reverse side depicts four crossed sprigs: the Tudor rose of England, the leek of Wales, thistle for Scotland and the shamrock for Ireland. These vintage coins (circulated) were minted from 1953 to 1967 and are considered a good luck wedding symbol to bring prosperity, love and happiness.
Each Sixpence coin has been carefully hand cleaned and lightly polished so as not to destroy the natural patina. See pull down menu for available years. Purchase this coin separately or add this Sixpence Coin to one of our CoinArt selections. Similar to coin shown (size = larger than penny / smaller than nickel). PLEASE NOTE: Although the Sixpence coin comes with a coin capsule, we won't insert the coin (can be done after wedding).
To purchase Sixpence Wedding Poem along with linen drawstring bag, please visit our Gift Packaging section.