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NEW! Modern Maple DIY CoinSquare Double Kit


Please tell us what two coins will you be inserting into your frame? (i.e. Kennedy Half Dollar, Quarter, etc.)


Our Modern Maple DIY CoinSquare Double Kit is exclusive to The CoinArt Company and designed to complement a family gallery wall, mantle, shelf, desktop or any other small nook in your home (measures 9" x 6"). It allows you to easily frame TWO coins (pennies, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars). For more common U.S. coins, we provide air tight acrylic coin capsules to protect coins' integrity. Comes with sawtooth hanger for wall hanging or it can also be displayed on a shelf.  Can be created with either a vertical or horizontal orientation by the way you place your coins and the hanger hardware. 

We include easy-to-understand instructions to mount your coins and complete frame assembly. For Challenge Coins, we can accommodate coins up to 2", but we aren't able to provide coin capsules (due to variations in size and thickness). 

This product is a DIY kit in which you will insert your own coins. Each kit includes the following:

- Modern Maple wood frame (see other listing for additional styles).
- Mat board of your choice (gray or white) with two circle custom cut-outs.
- Mat measures 8" x 5" and finished frame measures 9" x 6".
- Adhesive tape squares.
- Sawtooth hanger and black dust cover for a finished look.
- Crystal clear acrylic face with protective film, foam core and corrugated filler. NOTE: Photographs above do not include the acrylic face (due to glare).
- Tell us what type of coins you intend to frame so we can provide you with air tight acrylic coin capsules.
- Easy-to-understand instructions.